Month: May 2018

What to do now?

There is an idea. We have a van. It has a name. Now it is your time to guess: What to do next? Cleaning? Would have been a good shout. But we thought there’s still time for that. Let’s first stuff the van with loads of cardboard – great! For us, the cardboard model helped…
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Oswald van Europe

There was this plan of traveling Europe but without a vehicle we couldn’t start. Lots of nights we sat together, talking about how amazing it’s gonna be but than we recognized that time is running and we knew we really had to start organizing now if we want to start the trip this summer. So…
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Big plans!

Another travel blog! Whoop whoop – isn’t that great and super innovative?! We know, it is a bit too much in fashion to create your own travel blog. And we are aware that this one might get lost somewhere in between all those other traveler stories. Nevertheless, we are sure that we can give you…
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