Big plans!

Big plans!

Another travel blog! Whoop whoop – isn’t that great and super innovative?!

We know, it is a bit too much in fashion to create your own travel blog. And we are aware that this one might get lost somewhere in between all those other traveler stories. Nevertheless, we are sure that we can give you a different kind of view on travels, van-life and Europe. First of all, we’re neither a super happy couple traveling the world and finding ourselves nor a group of super crazy backpackers who had already seen the whole world and don’t fear anything.

We – Felix, Tim and Ina – are currently living in a shared flat in Hamburg. We are still more or less in our student lives or just came out of there. And (obviously) we are not native english speakers. So in advance: Sorry for incorrect use of words or miswritten sentences!

So let’s start at the beginnig to give you a good overview. All plans start with ideas. We had a lot of fun nights in our shared flat and at one of those nights we came up with the idea to travel Europe (to make a really long story with lots of deep – and not so deep – talks short).

Driving Europe. That became the goal. Not only travel this continent but also share impressions we collect from all those beautiful countries and different kinds of people we are going to meet.

Why do so many right-wing parties are currently rising? Why is Europe closing their boarders? Why are so many Europeans against the European Union? And where did we loose our empathy towards citizens from countries outside Europe? Those are questions driving us. Where do you find the answers to those questions if not talking with people? People from all over Europe. That is why we want to drive Europe.

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