Time for furniture: Part 1

Time for furniture: Part 1

Since we got rid of our cardboard furniture, we decided that we need a new seating area, a kitchen and everything you need for a living for a few month. So we took a trip to the building supplies store to get some wood, screws, angle brackets and all we need for the first steps. So the work could start!

The first step was the seating area in the back of the van.
Here’s the plan: a platform on which we will build three benches and a table. Those will convert into Felix’s and Tim’s bed at night.


Seating areas foundation.


Level two.


Storage room under the benches.


Seating areas framework from the backdoors looking to the front.


Solid and ready to sit on!


Next steps to a furnished van will be:

  1. Kitchen
  2. Bench which will convert into Ina’s bed
  3. Closet
  4. Table for our seating area

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