Our goal for this journey is not only to see all the different countries of Europe but also to get an impression of the public opinion towards the European Union. For achieving this, we want to talk to locals in all countries we are traveling through.

We would like to share the collected information with you guys in the end. That’s why we are planning on creating a documentary about our journey through the EU. The interviews should make up the main part, whereas our Europe tour will be the red thread. We are super excited about what we are going to learn on our trip and what people think about the states merger European Union. We will keep you posted about our progress. If you have any ideas, you want to share with us, feel free to leave a comment!

So far, we got familiar with all the filming equipment, created a rough script and interviewed two people in Luxembourg. Besides some sound problems during the first interview, it worked out pretty well! We know that we are no professionals yet but we believe it gets better from time to time. Actually, that’s also the experience we made so far.


Interview set-up.

If you want to give us an interview or know somebody who would, we are more than happy! Please contact us here with a comment, via mail ( or instagram.

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