We already booked our ferry from Southern Scotland for Wednesday, 17th of September, a while ago. We needed to book in advance for a better price. Now we realized that we have a lot of time left in Scotland. Actually, it feels really nice and relaxing to have about one week with lesser driving than usual, more time to spend on repairing things in the van, bring the blog up to date and focus on our work for the documentation.

The van becomes cozier with every rain-day since Felix and Tim are using their time to repair and upgrade the interior. Plus, we are constantly working on our Instagram skills (you can follow us there: driving_europe). We underestimated the work on that platform totally. Now, we even ended up listening to one episode of a podcast feature where they were talking about how to become more famous on Instagram. That’s how far we already went. With the Instagram account we hope on reaching a wider range of followers so that our project gets more popular and at one point we might find a sponsor. If you have any requests for Instagram or sponsors, please feel free to contact us.

Of course, not all days are rainy (thanks climate change!) – so we had the chance to take a bath with Nessie the other day. We are still alive, so guess what happened to the monster…

Loch Ness is a real impressive place. Beautiful lake, sunny weather by the way, and great nature around.


Felix (left) and Tim (right) in front of Loch Ness.

At another spot, we enjoyed a view on the sea while sitting outside Oswald for our meals. We also enjoyed a ride through Cairngorms National Park where the plants are turning into fall-colors right now. A really nice time to be out in nature! So many things happening every day. I don’t really know what to talk about and what to skip. If you want to know more about anything (further plans, our mood – great so far, spot recommendations or anything else), you can always get in touch!


Tim and me enjoying the late summer sun.


Here, you can follow our route through the Highlands down to Cairnryan where our ferry to Northern Ireland departed:


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