Our favorites: On the road

Our favorites: On the road

Hello and welcome to this new kind of posts! Since we are on the road for over two months now, we thought about giving you some recommendations about things we use, and which are really helpful in our everyday van-life.

  • We cook a lot and this following stove is the perfect solution for us. It is way cheaper to use a stove which works with denaturized alcohol than using a camping cooker with little gas cans. So, the investment of this stove is really worth it in the end. Plus, instead of using denaturized alcohol which does not smell too good, you can use bioethanol. It is better for the environment and, it is the cheapest solution. Our recommendations here:
  • We cook a lot on the road! This soy for delicious vegan meals is perfect for various dishes (if you order it here, you have enough for a loooong time but it’s a super good price). Plus, we enjoy spicy food. So, we use those Chilis a lot:
  • Since we spend a lot of time on the road, we need snacks every now and then. Cheap solution for lots of more or less healthy snacks – nuts in big amounts:
  • Talking about food. Of course, you have to brush your teeth after the meals; we for sure do that every time. So, these bamboo toothbrushes are in use pretty often – mostly daily. For brushing teeth, we use natural toothbrush. These ones are our favorits:
  • Dr. Bronner’s – the natural solution for everything (even though, it says you can also brush your teeth with it, we do not recommend that, feels really weird):
  • We would like to recommend one last “beauty item” for the road – it is also perfect for using at home, in your everyday life (as well as a lot of the products we recommended earlier)! Soaps for washing your hair become more and more fashionable, we are also convinced that it is good to use them. The first recommendation is a real traditional one from Syria, the other one is the little cheaper option which comes in a variaty of smells:
  • This heater keeps us warm, even if it’s cold outside:
  • LED bedside lamps are especially useful when one already wants to sleep and another one is still up reading for example. Therefor, we highly recommend these ones:
  • We secure our home on wheels with different systems. We installed an alarm system which is really loud when it is on and someone opens any door (it happened to us pretty often in the beginning of the trip, that we forgot to turn the system off before opening the doors – besides that, it was not in use yet). Plus, we have a gas alarm system for the case that someone wants to break in while we are asleep. Those two things were not in real use yet but, it makes us feel safer, so we recommend having it:

Well, the rest of the things which are in daily use, are mostly collected from what we or our parents already had at home. So, we do not know if for example the camping dishes or pots and pans we use are still for sale – since the ones we are using are old but gold. Really old.

As soon, as we find the time, we will also post a list with our favorites for the van conversion and other “favorites” which are coming in our mind. If you have any wishes or are interested in any other favorites of ours, just let us know.

Stay posted about our favorites and do not hesitate with shopping them. Just click on the items above and order them directly online. Plus, they make really handy Christmas presents 😉

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