Isabelle, France

Isabelle, France.

On the question how the perfect EU would look like in her point of view:
“For me, the perfect European Union would be a harmonization of all countries on all levels: taxes, work, standards. Everything. A block with same rules for everyone. Also, a good economic exchange is important to me. And that we are well represented to the world. I think that everybody has to realize on a personal level, that he is not alone and that a united European block would be better for everyone. This way, we would be recognized by the rest of the world and would gain acceptance. Anyhow, I think the biggest part is in the hands of politicians. They should eliminate differences that could cause trouble by building the European block. I think, it’s in the hands of politics to act. They have to realize that we are not alone and have to work hand in hand. Nevertheless, I fear there is no dynamic within the European community right now and that’s a pity!”

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