11. December

11. December

Tim, Germany

Our very own Tim in front of Oswald in Portugal

“For me, the EU is an association of states that have come together in a difficult time to create something better and new. The community that grew out of it, in my opinion, is something great and so far unique in the world, which could achieve a lot. What bothers me though, is that its potential is not fully exploited. The EU has a great fundamental idea, but fails in some areas. It loses itself in many little things that are not necessarily important to people’s lives. For example, all those regulations that describe on hundreds of pages how the perfect European banana or cucumber has to look like. In my opinion, the EU neglects some incredibly important challenges, such as the climate crisis or social inequality. These are not addressed consistently enough! It is held up too much on acute issues and through this suffers the foresight. I would love to see the EU surpass itself as a community and show the disunited world what great things can be achieved when tackling the challenges of our time together hand in hand as one.”

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