Steve, Luxembourg

Steve, Luxembourg.

Criticism about the EU:
“The EU is positive, in general. But, after the fall of the Berlin Wall it grew too fast. That is not only a problem in politics, that’s everywhere: Growth is only good if it happens slowly. If anything, no matter what, is growing too fast there are conflicts – same with the EU. That’s not good. At that time, it happened out of current political motivations. The Iron Curtain fell, and the Western World was happy that Eastern Europe moved closer to the West. There weren’t a lot of controls: If the budgets are correct, how the political situation is like… The EU liked to believe that everything fit. Even though, you could have guessed that in some countries the democracy wasn’t as settled as it should have been. But the EU liked to believe that. Out of political reasons. Well, and then there are rising problems. It lasts generations until opinions are changing.”

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