Day: May 9, 2019

Three weeks in the Baltic States

Lithuania. Latvia. Estonia. Three small countries we have all never been before. Felix and I entered Lithuania, coming from Poland, in the beginning of April. There was a time shift – so the sun was now setting an hour later than the days before. Compared to the time in the beginning of our journey it…
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Tove, Sweden

Tove, Sweden. On the question how we could solve the climate crises:“Politicians should use more taxes, like really high taxes on flying – because it’s so bad – and on meat. And also make it easier to take the train in whole Europe. Because it’s really nice to take the train but it’s quite hard…
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Piia, Finland

Piia, Finland. Thinking about EU’s influence:“For me, through my work, the most relevant thing has been that you can transport goods. And how that is fast and easy. And how Brexit will affect it now will probably be crucial. Many Finish people don’t think of it that much although we are importing a lot of…
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Moys, Congo

Moise, Congo, lives in Finland. About the negative impact he felt about the EU in Congo: “Back in Africa I would feel the EU, here I don’t really understand too much about the politics– how its run and all that. But in Africa I would feel like the united Europe are people who are bullying…
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Witamy w Polsce: Welcome to Poland

We had an amazing week in Poland! We discovered the middle of the country, met lots of people and had great friends traveling with us. As I mentioned in the former blogpost, Tim (a friend of mine from Dresden) and Leo (Felix’ sister) travelled with us through Poland. On our way to the first stop,…
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Margus, Estonia

Margus, Estonia. About his ideal image for the future:“Probably…I hope that everything will be at this level or even get better. There will be no big changes. Our country is considered first in startups. We have digitalized many things.  We are also in first place in this area. The changes with public transportation are also…
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Olga, Estonia

Olga, Estonia. On how the EU influences her life:“Indeed, it has affected the fact that you can go somewhere else. It was not like that before. More opportunities and freedom. It concerns traveling. You can easily travel and also communicate with other people. And vice versa. Also, new people come to us and you can…
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Toni, Finland

Toni, Finland. Message for his fellow Europeans:“We should all get along. When we do it’s much more fun and easy and things work.”

Nadezda, Latvia

Nadezda, Latvia, lives in Estonia. On the question about the ideal future state of the EU:“I think that every country should have its own authority and also should make the most important decisions on their own, regardless of what Brussels dictates to them. They should be on their own.”

Signe, Latvia

Signe, Latvia. On the question about the impact of the EU in her daily life:“I actually feel a pretty huge impact from the EU in my everyday life. I think that I can really feel safe in the place I am living in – in Latvia. Because I know that the EU won’t let us…
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