We are already back in Germany for one month now – crazy, how time flies! 18th of May we arrived back in Hamburg with clearly mixed feelings. On the one hand, it was nice to see our friends and families again after such a long time. On the other hand, it was a weird feeling to know that our time in such a tiny space with each other is over now.

But the adventure did not stop right there. On Monday, May 20th, we have been invited to an event by “Info Point Europa” in Abaton cinema in Hamburg. We were asked to talk about our travel experience, the people we met during our journey and how we perceived the European Union. It was a great experience to talk to so many interested people in a cinema about our freshly ended journey! Plus, it was amazing to be able to show our movie trailer (which you can watch here) for the very first time on a big cinema screen. To see the reactions of people who watch our trailer is always interesting and an overwhelming feeling. After our presentation at Abaton, we stayed in the cinema for a little while to be able to get in touch with people who listened to the presentation. To get such a good feedback from totally different people felt good and gave us new motivation to work on the movie more to make it perfect for our cinema tour in September/October.

After this eventful evening, our paths temporarily separated. It was a bit emotional to say goodbye after such a long time together. But new adventures waited for the three of us in the coming weeks. That’s why our activity on Instagram and here on the website was reduced. Nevertheless, we would like to keep you more or less up to date.

In the past month, we still spent some time on the project: Working on the cinema tour (we will release the first dates soon here), gave an interview in the radio broadcasting Deutschlandfunk Nova (feel free to listen to it here) and went to another event to talk about our journey. For this, Tim and I (unfortunately, Felix was unable to join) drove to Krems in Austria to attend a three-day forum about Europe’s future. Europa-Forum Wachau was held in Stift Göttweig. Many people out of the business sector and politicians came to join the event, gave speeches and listened to the others. It was an outstanding chance to talk about our experience and what we learned what people expect from the European Union. We especially talked about young people since the theme of the forum was the future of Europe and we found it really important to give a “young” view on EU-issues since the majority of the audience and the speakers at this event was way older than we are. All in all, it was super interesting to hear all the other speeches, to get to know so many people whom I would not meet in my everyday life and to get their feedback to our project. It felt great to have the chance to spread the voices of our interview partners to people in power – hopefully they are heard. Plus, the feedback we got was really positive which again gave a motivation boost to put more energy and effort into the final product.

As I said before, we will keep you posted on news we have on the movie and the cinema tour and we are happy to meet you in one of the cinemas we’ll come by for a premiere!

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