Get into a festive mood with these portraits and quotes from some of our favourite Europeans we met on the road. One picture a day. Every day until Christmas Eve. 

Industrial Engineer Hendrik (r.)
Winemaker Isabelle in front of self-made wines
Outdoor Education Instructor and Businessowner Nick
Our very own Ina! Journalist student in Hamburg
Farmer and Glamping Host Daniel
Ecotrophology student Chris is from Luxemburg and studies in Germany
Policeman Miguel and his little daughter
Mary is from Ireland but has also lived in Germany for many years
IT Engineer Ben (l.) next to his roommate Hendrik
Bridget at home in Scotlands amazing highlands
Our very own Tim in front of Oswald in Portugal
Gastronomist Marie at home talking about the EU over a glass of beer
Farmer Creighton at home
Sister Bep in the Chapel of her convent in Brussels
Steve on the Patio in his Garden
Maria during her Interview inside Oswald
Andrew is from the UK but has lived and worked in Germany and Ireland
Meghan (also Andy) lives and works in Belgium and the Netherlands
Our Felix, whose second name is Otto
Mona lives in rural Ireland and overall seems quite happy with life in the EU
Carlos in front of his self-made wines.
Giulia studies Human Rights in Italy and Switzerland
Silvia is from Catalonia and studies law and economics
People of Europe we interviewed so far
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