Get into a festive mood with these portraits and quotes from some of our favourite Europeans we met on the road. One picture a day. Every day until Christmas Eve. 

Hendrik (r.), Belgium.
Isabelle, France.
Nick, England.
Our very own Ina! Journalist student in Hamburg
Daniel, Northern Ireland.
Chris, Luxembourg, lives in Germany.
Miguel, Spain.
Mary, Ireland.
Ben (l.), Belgium.
Bridget, Scotland.
Our very own Tim in front of Oswald in Portugal
Marie, France.
Creighton, Northern Ireland.
Sister Bep, Netherlands, lives in Belgium.
Steve, Luxembourg.
Maria, Spain, lives in England.
Andrew, UK, lives in the Republic of Ireland.
Meghan, USA, lives in Belgium and Netherlands.
Our Felix, whose second name is Otto
Mona, Ireland.
Carlos, Portugal.
Giulia, Italy.
Silvia is from Catalonia and studies law and economics
People of Europe we interviewed so far
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