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Olga, Estonia

Olga, Estonia. On how the EU influences her life:“Indeed, it has affected the fact that you can go somewhere else. It was not like that before. More opportunities and freedom. It concerns traveling. You can easily travel and also communicate with other people. And vice versa. Also, new people come to us and you can…
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Toni, Finland

Toni, Finland. Message for his fellow Europeans:“We should all get along. When we do it’s much more fun and easy and things work.”

Nadezda, Latvia

Nadezda, Latvia, lives in Estonia. On the question about the ideal future state of the EU:“I think that every country should have its own authority and also should make the most important decisions on their own, regardless of what Brussels dictates to them. They should be on their own.”

Signe, Latvia

Signe, Latvia. On the question about the impact of the EU in her daily life:“I actually feel a pretty huge impact from the EU in my everyday life. I think that I can really feel safe in the place I am living in – in Latvia. Because I know that the EU won’t let us…
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Tomas, Lithuania

Tomas, Lithuania. On the quesition what is positive about the EU:“I guess, it is good that people can feel freer and are more tolerant. Above that, Lithuanians got to know different cultures and that leads to having peace. If people all over Europe work together, you do not have to fear for war.”

Lukasz, Poland

Lukasz, Poland. On how to enable a perfect future:“I feel that politicians of the single European countries should be allowed to be independent but at the same time the EU should control if it’s not going into the wrong direction.”

Weronika, Poland

Weronika, Poland. On the question what she wishes for the future:“My wish would be that people and especially the European Union face the problematic use and production of plastic. Plastic really is bad for the environment. For our further existence it’s important that they deal with this.”

Marijana, Slovenia

Marijana, Slovenia. Explaining her view on the EU:“We are all connected and so, we have to act like a family. We all depend on one another and if one member doesn’t perform according to the expectations then everything is jeopardized. Just like in a family. We all have to stick together.”

Marina, Slovenia

Marina, Slovenia. On the question how entering the EU changed life in Slovenia:“Accepting Euro as the currency made life easier. Whenever I travel, there’s no need to deal with different currencies.”

Anna, Poland

Anna, Poland. On the question what she criticises about the current EU politics:”The problem of refugees that we cannot solve at the moment. Not all EU countries are prepared for the influx of refugees. The awareness that we have to help each other is not so obvious to everyone. The information is not complete. And…
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