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Asia, Poland

Asia, Poland. Talking about the young generation:”I believe that we can achieve a lot of projects together which enable us to get to know different cultures better and to travel more freely. Maybe even with less money. Everybody my age dreams about traveling and getting to know other people their age. Me personally, I’m interested…
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Karl-Heinz, Germany

Karl-Heinz, Germany. Wishes for the future:“I’m pretty satisfied with what I have. In the age of 65 you do not have those big dreams anymore. But I think, they could do more for the youth. For example, they should support young mothers better.”

Jimbushe, Czech Republic

Jimbushe, Czech Republic. General opinion about the EU:“So far it feels more like politics for the rich, rather than for regular people, which I think is very wrong. It should mainly help ordinary people.”

Jan, Czech Republic

Jan, Czech Republic. On the question what is negative about the EU:“Bruselles. The rule from Bruselles. The European Union should be free traffic and free travel. Basically, a good idea. But right now, it’s only a regiment from Bruselles. Bruselles tells you what is okay and what isn’t. You cannot be your own state anymore,…
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Jitka, Czech Republic

Jitka, Czech Republic. On how to improve things in the EU:“Aladdin.”

Lucie, Slovakia

Lucie, Slovakia. On the question how she sees the future of the EU:“I don’t like a central government. I think that a political system is better when people have their local leaders and they decide about local things, even if there is a need of central rule of some things. So, I think, I would…
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Bruno, Slovakia

Bruno, Slovakia. Talking about environmental problems:“The role of the European Union in environmental issues could be huge, because decisions on a European level would affect a big area and a lot of people. The problem is that you can’t force agreements. So, you need to start from yourself, from the individual. In this aspect, education…
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Catharina, Germany

Catharina, Germany, and her oldest son Philipp, live in Austria. Talking about the problems of little farmers: “I would find it great if they would invest less in the big industries. Instead of that, they should watch out more for the little producers. That would be great for me as a little producer. So that…
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Matko, Croatia

Matko, Croatia. Talking about the EU’s potential:“A big community like that has a great potential to make people of Europe closer to each other and so the European regiment, European demos could occur. However, the way things are set now in the EU, I think, it is not going in the right direction, it is…
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Ema, Croatia

Ema (l.), Croatia. Talking about Erasmus and studying abroad:“To me Erasmus was the first association because it is the only thing of which I feel I benefit from, when we talk about the EU. I mean, since Croatia has entered the EU, not much has changed, accept possibilities for young people, and also those a…
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