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Jelena, Croatia

Jelena (r.), Croatia. Talking about the relation between Croatia and the EU:“I don’t think it is either a positive or a negative thing. I think Croatia has been left intact, because some things have previously been unresolved. Maybe we are simply not ready to accept some criteria the EU has to set. That it has…
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Alex, Croatia

Alex, Croatia. Philosophy about the ideal EU:“The ideal situation would definitely be general political correctness and democracy which, I think, is not possible to achieve in this society of capitalism. And I simply don’t believe that the ideal situation could happen.”

Marcel, Hungary

Marcel, Hungary. Sending a message to his fellow Europeans:“I would say that people shouldn’t steal because if the European Union gives money to Hungary then they are not giving it to three politicians but the people.”

Geza, Hungary

Geza, Hungary. On the question about the positive sides of the EU:“The generations of my parents and grandparents have lived through several wars. I am very glad that we can all live now – I spent my whole life – without having any part of such things. […] That is not shared by all parts…
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Ioana, Romania

Ioana, Romania. On the question on what it means for Bulgaria to be part of the EU:“Joining the EU means for us the opportunity to travel, easy access to information, get to know new people and the world – that’s what we yearned for before 1989. The boarders to other cultures and languages disappeared. We…
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Uwe, Romania

Uwe (l.), Romania. On how the EU could be improved:“For me, there are three essentially important things: Education, education and education. Without education people wouldn’t know which possibilities they have. Which problems they could cross. What they could do. What’s forbidden. Everything is dependent on education.”

George, Romania

George (r.), Romania. On how the EU affects his everyday life:“Europe has a daily impact on me, because I’m feeling as a European. I could well say that I feel Romanian, I could say I feel Greek or adopted by the Germans. But I choose to say that I am European. In the past I…
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Radu, Romania

Radu, Romania. On the question what he thinks is negative about the EU:“Even now, if you are working in a supermarket – let’s say carrefour – Romanian workers get 300 euros per month and the same worker in France gets 1500 euros per month and he does the same job. It’s not different in a…
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Georgi, Bulgaria

Georgi, Bulgaria. On the question how he would imagine an ideal state of the EU:“Above all, I wish there were no wars. That people are good to one another. I wish for love among the people!”

Neli, Bulgaria

Neli, Bulgaria. Talking about her general opinion about the EU:“What I think is, that the EU will survive and should survive. And even if some of the earliest member states intend to have forgotten the initial reason they joined the EU, the newer members will remind them because all the new members know why they…
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