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Kyriakos, Cyprus

On the question of what influence he feels from the EU in Cyprus:“In Cyprus I do feel a difference. Many things changed to the positive. Economy in general and the trade between European countries imroved.”

Russel, Malta

On the question how things could be improved in the EU:“Refugees should be more evenly distributed but not all European countries would want that. But I feel like refugees have a good impact on countries. The fact that you are having people from different cultures adds perspectives to your current culture. You know, it helps…
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Batur, Germany

Talking about hardship and stereotypes:“Especially young male Muslims in Europe like me have a hard time. People draw a picture of a young sly man who is always looking for short-cuts for making loads of money and to drive a huge Daimler car. Plus, there are rappers from this culture who emphasize that picture. Then…
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Anwar, Germany

Talking about Europeans being united:“We should not be afraid of each other. Muslims, Christians and all other religions. We are all humans. We can all live together and can help each other so that nobody has disadvantages. No matter if you are Muslim, Christian, Jew or Buddhist. We all live here in Europe and we…
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Kidane, Denmark

Talking about his flight and trauma:“I got an apprenticeship. Other people from other countries like Africa and Asia need that as well. We should help small children first, enable them to get educated. A lot of people with a lot of problems come here, many already die on their way here. Many friends of mine…
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Tesfit, Denmark

Talking about stereotypes and his feelings as a person who is living in a foreign country: “People are different even though they are refugees. Here, some people are very good people who are always thinking about other people in a good way. So, the stereotype stops. I don’t like stereotyping people because they don’t know…
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Gina, Austria

Gina, Austria. On the question of an ideal state of the EU: “In any case, the EU should punish many more right-wing extremist statements, and I have the feeling that this has been decreasing all the time. In other words, there used to be more punishments for this. In Austria, there are always public re-activities…
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Dennis, Denmark

Dennis, Denmark. On the question what problems he sees in the EU:“That’s the immigrants. I think they cost too much for Denmark. So, there’s not enough money left for the older people we have here and they don’t have as much help as they want to.”

Tove, Sweden

Tove, Sweden. On the question how we could solve the climate crises:“Politicians should use more taxes, like really high taxes on flying – because it’s so bad – and on meat. And also make it easier to take the train in whole Europe. Because it’s really nice to take the train but it’s quite hard…
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Piia, Finland

Piia, Finland. Thinking about EU’s influence:“For me, through my work, the most relevant thing has been that you can transport goods. And how that is fast and easy. And how Brexit will affect it now will probably be crucial. Many Finish people don’t think of it that much although we are importing a lot of…
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