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A special day in Sofia

On the road again! We haven’t been in the car for quite a while. But, immediately it felt normal to be back on the road. Sitting next to each other, listen to music, sing along, talk about everything and nothing at the same time, listen to podcast and just admire the unknown surrounding which passes…
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Life in a Bulgarian eco-village

As we chose not to die in winter in our van, we looked for options how this plan could work out. Furthermore, even before the trip, we were really looking forward to the Eastern EU-countries since we have not spent too much time in our life their and were excited to get to know something…
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Добре дошли в България: Welcome to Bulgaria

Crossing the Greek-Bulgarian border was an adventure, something new was coming. None of us has been in Bulgaria before, that’s why we were pretty excited. So: Добре дошли в България – Welcome to Bulgaria! Our first destination in this new country: Hot springs right behind the border. Hot springs near Pirin National Park in the…
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