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Dobrodošli – Benvenuto – Willkommen

Slovenia – Italy – Austria In only a few days we crossed those three countries. Okay, we’ve only been in Italy for a few minutes, but still, this again showed us the travel freedom Schengen gives us. The best route for us from Triglav Nationalpark, where we spent one night, to Faaker See in Austria,…
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Benvenuti in Italia

Ten days to discover Italy. In winter. Where to go? What to do? What to leave out? That’s what we asked ourselves. But as usual, time just flew and in the end the days were over quicker than expected. Felix and Tim came to pick me up at my parent’s place. On 29th of December…
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Happy New Year!

And again: A new year started. Welcome 2019! We cannot complain about the last few months of “our” year 2018 but still, it’s always exciting when a new year starts. What will the next months bring for us? What will change on our journey in 2019? Which things will stay the same? What’s going to…
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