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Food, interviews and other fundamental needs

An important topic for us is food. In many regards. Firstly, we like eating. Secondly, we cook pretty much and all different kinds of dishes. Thirdly, we try to save food here and there. Fourthly, we try to survive on a low budget which includes trying to not spend much money on food. The solution…
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We already booked our ferry from Southern Scotland for Wednesday, 17th of September, a while ago. We needed to book in advance for a better price. Now we realized that we have a lot of time left in Scotland. Actually, it feels really nice and relaxing to have about one week with lesser driving than…
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Welcome to GB: Scotland

After leaving Manchester we drove through Lake District National Park up to Scotland. The National Park we passed – and spent one day and night – was impressive. First of all, the weather was really nice so that we could even sit and eat outside the car. Second, the nature was breathtaking. Again, a nice…
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