Tag: What drives us

Preparing food

As explained before, we are not able to spend too much money on the road. When our savings are used up, it means for us that the journey is over. That’s why we decided to prepare as much food as possible before the trip – out of saved food so that we avoid spending money…
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Weekend trip to Denmark

Ready for adventure time! We are done with the major parts of our conversion. For sure, we are far away from being ready to start our big trip but we moved forward pretty well in the last months. So we thought, it’s time for a weekend trip to test everything. Since we are all not…
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What about the traveling?

The idea to put our shared flat on wheels and travel Europe together came from Felix and Tim. I was not 100 per cent convinced in the beginning, since I just moved to Hamburg. But those two can be really convincing, I’ll tell you! After long nights of talking about how to get to know…
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