Cozy beds

Cozy beds

Now that we have all the furniture (including beds) we thought it might be nice to have some mattresses for a comfortable sleep. We searched online for used and therefore cheap mattresses we could get. Pretty fast, we found a 1.8x2m mattress that Tim and I picked up with a Citroen C1. Do you know that car? If yes, you might guess that it was a really uncomfortable affair. We somehow made it and stuffed the mattress into the car. Get an impression of that mission here in the video:

At this point, I want to thank my mum and dad for lending us the car while we are converting Oswald into our home on wheels. It helps a lot to organize things like the mattresses or sink for the van. This way, we don’t have to move Oswald whenever there’s something to be picked up somewhere. Since we are trying to get everything as cheap as possible, we were driving around a lot with the little car to collect all the pieces we used for the building all over Hamburg.

Back to the mattress situation. When we wanted to cut that huge mattress we picked up, we realized that its interior was not cuttable. This is why we collected three more mattresses here and there and puzzled together lots of different parts for the cushions which convert into the mattresses for our beds. At least, it was not for nothing to get this huge mattress: we could use some parts of the fabric for our covers and some little parts of the foam.


Marlene measuring the mattrasses before cutting it.

Thanks to Felix’s mum, we have super pretty cushion covers now – that was such a big help! Claudia spent lots of time sewing all those covers for us. We are really happy with the outcome; they look very nice.


Claudia sewing our cushion covers.


Cushions for the bench that converts into the front bed.


Cushions for the seating area in the back of the van.

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