Category: Preperations

Everyday life on the road

Traveling everyday still feels exciting. Your backyard changes every day. In the morning you wake up with an everchanging view. There are new challenges to be mastered daily. Problems of all kinds need to be solved. One challenge for us: On the one hand, we want to see as much as possible from Europe. On…
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The important things

Finally there is time for the really important things! Since we did not have a balcony in our shared flat in Hamburg and always dreamed of one, Felix built one for Oswald. It is pretty stable and I think it’s super comfy but let’s see how long it takes until it breaks down. When starting…
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Preparing food

As explained before, we are not able to spend too much money on the road. When our savings are used up, it means for us that the journey is over. That’s why we decided to prepare as much food as possible before the trip – out of saved food so that we avoid spending money…
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Weekend trip to Denmark

Ready for adventure time! We are done with the major parts of our conversion. For sure, we are far away from being ready to start our big trip but we moved forward pretty well in the last months. So we thought, it’s time for a weekend trip to test everything. Since we are all not…
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Time for furniture: Part 3

Felix took his building skills out and all of a sudden we had a van which already feels homely. That’s actually a bit exaggerated. He has no building skills. Okay, just kidding! What I meant is, that Oswald was not readily converted “all of a sudden”. It took Felix (and Tim and me – when-…
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Come on in

Finally, there was time for beauty details. We got some leftovern vinyl floor slabs from Tim’s parents. That was a super good catch. This way, we were able to make our floor look really fancy without spending any money. Thank you, Kirsten and Bernd! In the picture you can see how Tim laying our floor.…
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One major part in the van conversion is the electricity. Without it, we couldn’t install our fridge, water tap, light, music and electrical outlets. Since we neither know much about electronics nor are able to install our own electrical system, we are super happy that Tim’s dad was ready to help. He was a really…
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Cozy beds

Now that we have all the furniture (including beds) we thought it might be nice to have some mattresses for a comfortable sleep. We searched online for used and therefore cheap mattresses we could get. Pretty fast, we found a 1.8x2m mattress that Tim and I picked up with a Citroen C1. Do you know…
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Time for furniture: Part 2

In this blogpost we want to show you our closet, the second bed and the table for our seating area. Since we realized that it’s a lot of work and takes lots of time to write down everything step by step, we put all those steps together in this post.

Fly high

Our first attempts to fly a drone were a lot of fun – and not really productive. The video below probably shows our professional skills better than me describing it: While we were on our weekend trip in Denmark to test the van, we did another drone flight. This one was way more effective than…
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