People of Europe

Here, you can get to know all the people we interviewed on our journey! We are happy that we met all those people on our way and that they shared their views, ideas and hopes towards the EU with us.

Find out what is on their minds by clicking on the images.
In our upcoming movie you can get to know each and every one of them a little closer.

Chris, Luxembourg, lives in Germany.
Steve, Luxembourg.
Henry, Netherlands.
Sister Bep, Netherlands, lives in Belgium.
Meghan, USA, lives in Belgium and Netherlands.
BenoƮt (l.), Belgium.
Hendrik (r.), Belgium.
Nick, England.
Maria, Spain, lives in England.
Bridget, Scotland.
Creighton, Northern Ireland.
Daniel, Northern Ireland.
Andrew, UK, lives in the Republic of Ireland.
Mona, Ireland.
Mary, Ireland.
Marie, France.
Isabelle, France.
Miguel, Spain.
Carlos, Portugal.
Giulia, Italy.
Merle, Germany.
Karin, Germany.
Federico, Italy.
Vissaria, Greece.
Ilia, Bulgaria.
Dimitar, Bulgaria.
Neli, Bulgaria.
Georgi, Bulgaria.
Radu, Romania.
George (r.), Romania.
Uwe (l.), Romania.
Ioana, Romania.
Geza, Hungary.
Marcel, Hungary.
Alex, Croatia.
Jelena (r.), Croatia.
Ema (l.), Croatia.
Matko, Croatia.
Marina, Slovenia.
Marijana, Slovenia.
Catharina, Austria
Gina, Austria.
Bruno, Slovakia.
Lucie, Slovakia.
Jirka, Czech Republic.
Jan, Czech Republic.
Zuzana, Czech Republic.
Karl-Heinz, Germany.
Weronika, Poland.
Asia, Poland.
Anna, Poland.
Lukasz, Poland.
Tomas, Lithuania.
Signe, Latvia.
Nadezda, Latvia, lives in Estonia.
Olga, Estonia.
Margus, Estonia.
Toni, Finland.
Moys, Congo, lives in Finland.
Piia, Finland.
Tove, Sweden.
Dennis, Denmark.
Tesfit, Eritrea, lives in Denmark.
Kidane, Eritrea, lives in Denmark.
Anwar, Afghanistan, lives in Germany.
Batur, Germany.
Russel, Malta, lives in the Netherlands.
Kyriakos, Cyprus, lives in Germany.