Tag: Failures

Fáilte go hÉirinn: Welcome to Ireland

It was one and a half weeks full of adventure and great people. We explored the Irish landscape and saw a lot of its beauty. It was windy, and the temperatures cooled down, but it was still enjoyable. So, what did we actually do in Ireland? We went for a walk by the Cliffs of…
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Take-off difficulties

Long time no hear. September 1st. This used to be the set date for our take-off. But what we learned from our travel preparations so far definitely is: stay spontaneous and take things the way they come! We did not start our Europe tour on the 1st of September. Some incidents crossed our way. Tim…
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Everyday struggles

Long time, no laugh? I bet we can change that! Of course, not everything goes well while converting an empty sprinter van into a home on wheels. The building supplies store turned into our new happy place. How much can go wrong here, you might ask yourself. We’ll give you a better idea: Get ready…
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