Geza, Hungary

Geza, Hungary.

On the question about the positive sides of the EU:
“The generations of my parents and grandparents have lived through several wars. I am very glad that we can all live now – I spent my whole life – without having any part of such things. […] That is not shared by all parts of the world, so when I think of the European Union, I mainly think about this sort of peaceful 50-60-70 years. Hopefully not only behind me but also in front of me – or in front of my children and their children. In which people can live next to each other in peace, in which those European norms that we are currently surrounded by do not get questioned, a sort of calm, peaceful, everyday life that can just be and it will stay the main intention of people to keep this, and not having war and having to run away and having problems and crises, and so on.”

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