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Sister Bep, Netherlands

Sister Bep, Netherlands, lives in Belgium. Talking about ideas how we could achieve a better Union: “We have to take care of the poorest in our society. We must not only think about getting further, higher or striving for even more wealth. We have to take time and look after this group of people with…
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Creighton, UK (Northern Ireland)

Creighton, Northern Ireland. On his opinion about Brexit: “I’ve always been quite a British person. So I have always had a slight negative feeling about the EU. I feel Britain is in a much stronger position to run their own kingdom, now.”

Marie, France

Marie, France. On the question how the EU is affecting her everyday life: “Unfortunately, there are the negative effects which are coming to my mind when thinking about the EU. All rules (I, personally, work in gastronomy), especially hygiene regulations, helped bringing health safety. But this safety is mostly artificial. Those rules contributed that small…
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11. December

Tim, Germany Our very own Tim in front of Oswald in Portugal “For me, the EU is an association of states that have come together in a difficult time to create something better and new. The community that grew out of it, in my opinion, is something great and so far unique in the world,…
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Bridget, UK (Scotland)

Bridget, Scotland. Talking about the Brexit-chaos: “The EU doesn’t really affect me personally. I can remember when we first went into the European Union, 1972/73 – wasn’t it? At those times we thought: What’s the point, why bother? But it seems to have worked and I just feel that now, so why change it? It’s…
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Benoît, Belgium (Wallonia)

Ben (l.), Belgium. On what he thinks is positive about the EU: “What I like about the EU is, that we have open borders. So we can exchange within the member states. But unfortunately, being so big, we also want to increase our economy compared to other parts of the world. In doing that, we…
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Mary, Ireland

Mary, Ireland. On what she likes about the EU: “The EU breaks down barriers. It makes it a neutral territory. It’s just the little things. If you’re allowed to live and work in an other country without any obstacles, it allows people to grow. And when you grow, the negativity and discrimination people might have…
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Miguel, Spain

Miguel, Spain. Explaining what he dislikes about the EU politics: “I don’t want to sound like I am against foreigners, but if you (speaking to Tim) come to Spain, you get nothing. If you’re a Muslim, you get everything. Money for a house, money for food, money for school, you get clothes, you get everything!…
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Chris, Luxembourg​

Chris, Luxembourg, lives in Germany. Sending a message to her fellow Europeans: “Everyone of us, especially the ones in politics have to stop nattering. We have to debate things, communicate productively with one another and above all realize that we’re all just humans, sitting in the same boat.”

Daniel, UK (Northern Ireland)

Daniel, Northern Ireland. On the question how the EU could improve their politics: “The people who are in office right now don’t have a clue. So we need people like businessmen. Like a Donald Trump, but not Donald Trump. That’s who we should have organising trade deals with one another. Not a politician. A politician…
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