Driving home for Christmas

Driving home for Christmas

We hope, you enjoyed our Christmas Calendar posts about the people we interviewed so far! We are happy that we were already able to share some insights from the documentary with you.

Christmas time was really exciting for us as you can read in our earlier blog posts (here about our week without food and here about our time in Portugal). A while ago, we decided to surprise our families back home with a visit for Christmas. That’s why we did not update you about where we were back then. Since Christmas time is over now, posts about our journey will come up more regularly again.

But first, about our drive home for Christmas. That’s the route we took from Portugal back home:

I got out near Karlsruhe to spend some relaxing days with my family and friends. Felix and Tim drove on to Hamburg to have a nice Christmas week with their friends and families back home.

Since we spent more time than we expected in Portugal, we needed to drive a bit more than usual the week before Christmas. Nevertheless, we had a great time in Southern Spain with still nice and sunny weather and got some work done for our documentary. Besides that, we got interviewed ourselves – on camera from Bento, Spiegel Online’s Youth portal. That was a new and kind of funny feeling.

A few impressions from the south of Spain:

Roads we took in Spain.
Sunset at a nightspot on the spanish coast by the Mediterranean Sea.
Me, hiking down a hill in Spain.

On our way from Spain to Germany, we drove through the south-east of France. It was quite a rural area, very remote and peaceful. While driving there, we saw a lot “Yellow Vests” – some road blocks and many supporters who had yellow vests behind the windshield of their cars. It was interesting to see how big this movement is in reality.

As usual, not everything went smoothly on our way home. Oswald got stuck, again! It took us two hours to figure out, how we were able to get out of those muddy holes. But it worked! With teamwork many challenges that cross our way are manageable.

Tim giving everything to get us out of the muddy puddles.
At least the spot was worth the adventure. The spot was amazing, with a bonfire place.
View over lake.
Can you spot Oswald?

On our long drive home, we had a really nice layover in Geneva to pick up Merle, a close friend from Felix. We spent one night at her place and she organized two interviews for our documentary for us. All in all, we had a nice day in Switzerland, before we took off again, to surprise our families. 21st of December we arrived back home – and let’s say, the surprise worked out well!

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  1. Andy Brown says:

    That’s a fantastic drive you made home for Christmas. Amazing! You’re all doing a truly remarkable journey. Happy New Year to you all and much success on your continued journey. Great!

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