Добре дошли в България: Welcome to Bulgaria

Добре дошли в България: Welcome to Bulgaria

Crossing the Greek-Bulgarian border was an adventure, something new was coming. None of us has been in Bulgaria before, that’s why we were pretty excited.

So: Добре дошли в България – Welcome to Bulgaria!

Our first destination in this new country: Hot springs right behind the border.

Hot springs near Pirin National Park in the South of Bulgaria.

We parked Oswald right next to those hot springs and stayed for two days. Originally, our goal was, to get some work on our documentary done while relaxing there. Unfortunately, I got sick and basically slept one day straight. Meanwhile, Tim and Felix were pretty busy.

Still, the hot springs were amazing and we spent a decent amount of time in there on our first day. It was cold outside, but whenever you got the feeling that you might start to freeze, you just needed to sit in one of the hot springs for a couple of minutes (which were around 40 degrees Celsius) and you were really warm for the next few hours.

The time there was a great experience and the people we met made it even funnier. While sitting there, in the little outside tub (that’s how it felt), we tried to communicate with Bulgarians sitting in there as well. They told us about the holiness of that place, the attractions around the hot springs and asked us about our travel. Talking to each other was not easy because of the language barrier. But it somehow worked and was really nice. Let’s say: Bulgaria welcomed us warmly!

Now, we are living with a Bulgarian family in an eco village not far from the hot springs and helping them with their everyday duties. Read about this new adventure in the coming blog post. Plus, they are living in a National Park and the scenery around the village is breathtaking – a lot of amazing pictures will come up as well. Keep on following, we will keep you posted!

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