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Food, interviews and other fundamental needs

An important topic for us is food. In many regards. Firstly, we like eating. Secondly, we cook pretty much and all different kinds of dishes. Thirdly, we try to save food here and there. Fourthly, we try to survive on a low budget which includes trying to not spend much money on food. The solution…
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An excursion to normal life

Two years ago, I was living in Wroclaw, Poland, for half a year, where I did an ERASMUS semester. I got to know some amazing people there from all over the world. Maria from Spain was one of them. She’s living and working in Manchester since then. That’s why we were heading for Manchester after…
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Our goal for this journey is not only to see all the different countries of Europe but also to get an impression of the public opinion towards the European Union. For achieving this, we want to talk to locals in all countries we are traveling through. We would like to share the collected information with…
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