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Welcome to Northern Ireland

Northern Ireland is a small country, belongs to the United Kingdom, not to Great Britain. That’s what we’ve learned. We did not know much about Northern Ireland before we were visiting, but now we know: worth a visit! The nature and all the cliffs are really impressive and the people mostly friendly. Let’s give you…
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Food, interviews and other fundamental needs

An important topic for us is food. In many regards. Firstly, we like eating. Secondly, we cook pretty much and all different kinds of dishes. Thirdly, we try to save food here and there. Fourthly, we try to survive on a low budget which includes trying to not spend much money on food. The solution…
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Welcome to GB: Wales

From Bristol, where we tried to get our wing mirror fixed, we drove to Wales. A country we did not know much about. Or anything at all. The weather was still nice when we were driving over a bridge which was the English-Welsh-Boarder at the same time. No boarder controls, no obvious signs, no big…
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