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Dimitar, Bulgaria

Dimitar, Bulgaria. His general view on the EU:“My general feeling is definitely positive towards the EU. I am old enough to remember a time before and after the EU. I don’t think Bulgaria will be able to exist without being part of some kind of union. For me, in the current political climate, Europe is…
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Ilia, Bulgaria

Ilia, Bulgaria. Imagining the ideal state of the EU:“I imagine it growing and uniting more and different countries and ethnicities – and not limited to the borders of Europe. And in the end, whether it is a European Union or some other kind of union, what is important for me is that the limitations between…
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Vissaria, Greece

Vissaria, Greece. Talking about an ideal Union:“When there are countries with a lowest salary of 2.500€ and our lowest salary is 300€, it’s very difficult to call that a common action. There are huge differences between the member states! If all countries could be at the same level, if they could have the same incomes…
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Federico, Italy

Federico, Italy. On how to get to a United States of Europe: “The only thing that we can do is understand the diversity of the individual countries. The cultural differences, the different aspects… People are especially going to listen when it comes to their daily difficulties. I think this should be one of local politicians’…
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Karin, Germany

Karin, Germany. On the question what is not going well in the EU:“In my opinion it’s negative that some states try to do their own thing, even though the EU exists. I think, that’s not so good. We decided to be a community and I think it’s a pity if some don’t stick to it.…
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Merle, Germany

Merle, Germany. Talking about problems within the EU: “There are the ones who lose because of globalization and the ones who profit from it. You can see this in the EU. The EU increases this effect – as a winner of globalization I profit much more from the EU than as not being a winner…
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Henry, Netherlands

Henry, Netherlands. On how to get a better future:“We’ve got to encourage the new generation to create a society in love and trust. They’ve got to have a new awareness concerning money and economics. If we can succeed in doing this, they will flourish and cannot go broke.”

Short excursion to Germany

Driving from Czech Republic to Poland, we crossed Saxony in Germany. For me, it was a bit like coming home since we stopped in Dresden (where I lived for four years). The first day back in Germany, we spent in the National park ‘Sächsische Schweiz’ which treats you with stunning views. We went for a…
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Vítejte v České republice: Welcome to Czech Republic

New country, new constellation. Welcome back on board, Tim! It was Dominik (who is this guy? Read about him here.), Felix, Tim and me to explore this small country. Compared to its size, we had lots of time. This way, we could hang out at the same spot for always more than just one night.…
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Vitajte na Slovensku: Welcome to Slovakia

Welcome to the country of castles. As we picked up Marlene (a friend of mine) and dropped off Tim in Vienna, it was Felix, Marlene and me entering Slovakia together. None of us has been here before – except of Bratislava. We were pretty excited about things to come! Our first lunch spot in Slovakia.…
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